Cherchez les Francais

The Frankfurt Book Fair, which takes place in October is one of the largest and  most prestigious in the world, covered on a daily basis by the top publishing magazines, including Publishers Weekly. PW’s October 12 Frankfurt Show Daily contained an excellent review of the crime scene in France, both classic and contemporary, Cherchez les Francais by Lenny Picker. 2017_10_12 Frankfurt Daily

I wasn’t altogether unhappy that page 1 was almost entirely dedicated to LRI’s classic and Paul Halter offerings, but all kidding aside, there’s some really good stuff here about today’s writers. In fact, as a result of the article, I ordered The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas, one of France’s best-selling authors (authoress, actually).

Recommended reading.

‘Death in the House of Rain’ now available

The paperback became available today and the ebook will follow shortly. PW praised its tautness and freshness and accorded the author an interview. There is a fascinating Foreword which foretells the huge potential of Chinese/Taiwanese impossible crime literature

2017_9_25 PW SZL Interview


The Little Imprint That Could…

… (to steal a slogan from Thomas the Tank Engine)

I was enormously flattered for my little one-man-band to be featured alongside The British Library, Harper Collins, Pushkin Vertigo, Rue Morgue Press and others, in Martin Edwards’ great article “A New Golden Age for Crime Classics?” … particularly since Death in the Dark (for which Martin wrote the Introduction) got more coverage than any other! Apologies for the rather gritty pdf. When I can get hold of a soft copy in glorious Technicolor, I’ll post it.

2017 MS 151 Golden Age