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Trade paperbacks are $15.99 and e-books are $7.99 unless otherwise marked

The Lord of Misrule by Paul Halter (Re-published October 2014; 1st English Edition published November 2010)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon LOM and e-book: Kindle LOM

The Fourth Door by Paul Halter (1st English Edition published September 2011)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon 4D and e-book: Kindle 4D

The Seven Wonders of Crime by Paul Halter (1st English Edition published December 2011)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon 7W and e-book: Kindle 7W

The Riddle of Monte Verita by Jean-Paul Torok (1st English Edition published April 2012)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon RMV and e-book: Kindle RMV

The Demon of Dartmoor by Paul Halter (1st English Edition published June 2012)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon DD and e-book: Kindle DD

The Seventh Hypothesis by Paul Halter (1st English Edition published December 2012)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon 7H and e-book: Kindle 7H

The Tiger’s Head by Paul Halter (1st English Edition published June 2013)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon TH and e-book: Kindle TH

The Crimson Fog by Paul Halter (1st English Edition Published November 2013)
M. Halter’s contribution to Jack the Ripper canon, Named one of the twelve Top Mysteries of 2013 by Publisher’s Weekly
Available as trade paperback: Amazon CF and e-book: Kindle CF

The Night of the Wolf by Paul Halter (Republish. 1st English Edition Published November 2006)
Available as trade paperback: Amazon NW and e-book: Kindle NW

The Killing Needle by Henry Cauvin (1st English Edition Published May 2014)
Featuring the French Sherlock Holmes, who appeared 16 years before the English one.
Available as trade paperback: Amazon KN $12.99 and e-book: Kindle KN $5.99

The Invisible Circle by Paul Halter (1st English Edition Published June 2014)
Think of it as The Knights of the Round Table meet The Ten Little Indians. Great fun.
Available as trade paperback: Amazon IC and e-book: Kindle IC

The Derek Smith Omnibus (1st English Edition* Published July 2014)
Whistle Up the Devil, Come to Paddington Fair, Model for Murder (*1st English Edition for the last two) Available as trade paperback: Amazon DS  $24.99 and e-book  Kindle DS $9.99

The Picture from the Past by Paul Halter (1st English Edition Published December 2014)
Why does a photograph from the past invoke memories of hideous crimes in the past and what is the link with the present? Available as trade paperback: Amazon PP  and e-book Kindle PP

The House That Kills by Noel Vindry (1st English Edition Published April 2015.) The first book by “the French John Dickson Carr.” Three impossible crimes, all in front of witnesses.  Amazon HTK and e-book Kindle HTK

The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji (1st English Edition Published June 2015.)                                                                                                                  Students from a university mystery club travel to an island where multiple murders occurred the year before. With predictable results. Available as trade paperback: Amazon DH $19.99 and e-book Kindle DH  $9.99

The Phantom Passage by Paul Halter (1st English Edition Published July 2015) Anyone setting foot in Kraken Street will vanish or lose his mind. It can also reveal the past and predict the future. Available as trade paperback:                 Amazon PHP  and e-book Kindle PHP  e-book

Whistle Up the Devil by Derek Smith. Previously only available as part of The Derek Smith Omnibus (see above). Now available separately as trade paperback Amazon WUD $12.99 and Kindle WUD e-book $6.99

Come to Paddington Fair by Derek Smith. Previously only available as part of The Derek Smith Omnibus (see above). Now available separately as trade paperback Amazon CPF $12.99 and Kindle CPF e-book $6.99

Hard Cheese by Ulf Durling (1st English Edition Published November 2015) Three retired Swedish locked room lovers try to solve a local murder using chains of Queen-like deductions. Delicously clever and funny. Available as trade paperback Amazon HCH  and e-book Kindle HCH

Death Invites You by Paul Halter (1st English Edition Published January 2016)       Famous locked room author found dead in locked room slumped over piping hot meal. The first Twist-Hurst collaboration.  Available as trade paperback  Amazon DIY and e-book Kindle DIY 

The Moai Island Puzzle by Alice Arisugawa (1st English Edition Published May 2016)                                                                                                                                       Three university students visit a remote island for a treasure hunt and finish up solving several murders–including one impossible–and a dying  message. Brilliant chain of deduction by the Japanese Ellery Queen. Available as trade paperback  Amazon MIP $19.99 and Kindle MIP $9.99.

The Howling Beast by Noel Vindry (1st English Edition Published July 2016) Pierre Herry is on the run, not just from the police but from the memory of two murders committed in his presence that are impossible to explain. And then there are the howls of a beast that doesn’t inhabit France. Brilliant and chilling. Amazon THB $19.99  Kindle THB $9.99

The Vampire Tree by Paul Halter (1st English Edition Published December 2016) Newly-wed Patricia Sheridan has a nightmares about being attacked by the old tree visible from her bedroom. That vision becomes more terrifying after she learns that a supposed vampire was buried under the tree, which was also the site of an impossible murder. Meanwhile, someone is killing children in the area and draining the bodies of blood. Amazon TVT   and e-book Kindle TVT 

Death in the Dark by Stacey Bishop (1st English Edition Published March 2017)  The Moby Dick of detective fiction: it vanished shortly after its publication in 1930 and rarely surfaced (at then astronomical prices) in the 87 years up to now. An astonishing book featuring three impossible murders; this edition includes an Afterword about its equally astonishing history.   Amazon DID $19.99  and Kindle DID $9.99

The Ginza Ghost by Keikichi Osaka (1st English Edition Published May 2017) Japanese Golden-Age style stories (honkaku) enjoyed a renaissances in the 1980s–see The Decagon House Murders and The Moai Island Puzzle–but the style originated in the 1930s and Osaka wrote some of the best short stories: hauntingly impossible but always with a rational explanation. Amazon TGG $19.99 and Kindle TGG $9.99

The Madman’s Room by Paul Halter (1st English Edition Published July 2017) Harris Thorne has decided  to unseal the room where his great-uncle went mad and placed a curse on his family. Brother Brian, a clairvoyant, warns against it and Harris himself is the first victim. There will be others as impossibility piles on impossibility and Twist and Hurst unmask a diabolical killer. Amazon TMR $19.99 and Kindle TMR $9.99.

The Realm of the Impossible, an anthology (Published August 2017)                       Edited by yours truly and Brian Skupin, LRI consultant editor. Nearly 40 impossible tales from more than 20 countries, including real life impossibilities. Amazing value! Amazon ROI $19.99  and Kindle ROI 9.99

Death in the House of Rain (1st English edition published October 2017)  Honkaku meets Grand Guignol amidst a string of grisly and horrifying murders in a manor whose floor plan traces the Chinese character for rain. Amazon DHR $19.99 and Kindle DHR $9.99

The Double Alibi by Noel Vindry (1st English edition published April 2018)            Gustave Allevaire has, not one alibi, but two for his petty larceny. The problem is they conflict, and one of them involves murder… his own. One of the most intricate puzzles in the whole of detective fiction. Amazon TDA $19.99 and Kindle TDA $9.99


33 thoughts on “Buy Books and e-Books”

  1. What a great site! So glad I discovered LRI when I bought The Derek Smith Omnibus after seeing a reference to it while searching for another title. I’m a huge impossible crime fan. Now I’m going to have to buy all the titles you list. I need to win the lottery. 🙂

  2. Your translations are excellent! I’ve read through 3 LRI-translated Paul Halter novels and will look forward to going through more of them.

  3. the Paul Halter and Derek Smith books are delicious, but I think the honkaku are even better. will there be any more Soji Shimada translations?

    1. Thank you, Amy. I would hope to bring out two honkaku a year. This spring there’s a great one by a different author and an introduction by Shimada-san. JMP

      1. I’m excited for The Moai Island Puzzle. Just ordered it from Amazon. And I have to agree with Amy, honkaku mysteries are just so incredible. It’s baffling why they hardly get translated into English. Having already read most of honkaku mysteries available in English, I sometime go on Wikipedia to look at the names of the novels I would probably never get to read. I wish that you have the resources to do more than two honkaku a year but hey it’s better than nothing. Thanks again for translating and publishing them!

        1. I very much appreciate your comments. i’m a great fan as well. I’ll see what I can do to crank up production, but it’s not just a resource limit. The majority of Japanese mysteries are much longer than western equivalents, which complicates matters

          John P.

  4. Please, Can we have the following books in a Kindle Format that we can get in South Africa:

    The Decagon House Mystery
    The House that kills

    Importing books to our country is very expensive. The postage is usually more than the price of the book itself. And the post is also very eratic with frequent strikes. Many things ordered never reach us. So I have to go digital. I got most of the Paul Halter books as Kindle books. I am a big fan of LRM’s and often refer to Adey’s book. It will be a great pity if I can’t buy the above two books.

    1. Thank your for being such a fan. Decagon House Murders is indeed available on Kindle. Just click on the page. Alas, the Vindry estate will not agree to license e-books, so there is nothing I can do about that.

      John P.

      1. Thsnk you. I clicked oon the page for the Kindle edition. But on top in the right hand corner is says: ‘”This title is not currently available for purchase”. There seems to be a problem. I’ll be glad if you could sort it out.

        1. There’s something wrong your end. I have loads of Kindle purchases and no reports of problems in other countries.

          1. Re: The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji.

            I live in South_Africa. Many things on the internet, like Nook Books, are not available here. But I bought all your other Kindle books without any problem. I also asked my son who lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands to check if he could get the abovenamed book from Amazon. He also could not buy it from there. I don’t know what the problem is and I also don’t know how to contact Amazon to resolve the problem. I really hope that you can find a solution to the problem. But I also realize that you are very busy with the translation of the next Paul Halter book, which I can’t wait for to be published. Keep up the good work with the LRM’s. Thank you.

  5. i’m just buy the The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji, and first of all i must thanks to you John to really make it happen. give me access to that japan mystery. thanks

  6. Is there any chance you will publish the rest of Yukito Ayatsuji’s Murder Mansions series? Decagon is extraordinary, and I would gladly like to read Water Mill and the ones that follow!

    1. Unfortunately most of the Murder Mansion series are much longer than Decagon, so it’s unlikely. It would take much longer to prepare and I would have to charge much more, which would not make it worth my while financially. If I can find another one the same length, I’ll be happy to publish it.

  7. I’ve been discovering your great books last year and the Decagon House Murders is just perfect, but i also enjoy the Paul Halter series…but i wonder as there didn’t appear any new Halter translation during last year, if you will keep up with some of his other books<?

    1. I’m glad you like the books. In fact I did publish two Halters in 2016 (Death Invites You and The Vampire Tree) and there will be at least one in 2017.

  8. Is there any chance of publishing japanese mysteries by Akimitsu Takagi, Seishi yokomizo or Shozi Shimada? And how about a COMPLETE SHORT STORY collection by the original locked room master, John Dickson Carr??

    1. The problem is rights payments. I know they would be excessive for the Carr and I would never recover the costs.

      I know about the others and who knows, maybe one day?

  9. Are there any plans to release Kishi Yuusuke’s novels of the Enomoto Kei series? I watched the Japanese tv drama based on the books a couple years ago, which focuses solely on Locked Room Mysteries. I guess the books would make a great addition to your already great releases!

    1. First of all, thank you for your kind remarks. Unfortunately, like many other books that have been suggested, the cost of the royalty payments would be prohibitive.
      John P.

  10. Many thanks for your vital service! I’ve been through the back catalogue of many impossible crime novelists, so probably LRI is my primary source for them now.

    Is there any chance of a translation of Pierre Boileau’s Six Crimes Sans Assassin? I’ve heard that it’s a stunner that ranks high on lists of impossible crime novels.

  11. I have many of your locked-room books and am grateful for the translations! Just bought one yesterday. Have enjoyed all the books that I’ve read. Keep up the great work. Take care. Gary Nathan

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