Call for Help

I’m in the process of expanding the scope of my publications, still staying within the locked room/impossible crime sub-genre, but including past and present writers from many more countries. The aim would be to release 6 new publications a year (2 of which would be Halter works.)

To do that I need 4 more volunteer proofreaders. The way it works is that for each new title I send a draft (in English) to 4 proofreaders simultaneously, with a return date of 2 months later. They aren’t professionals: they do this for fun in their spare time and they tell me they love it. Unfortunately most of them can’t fit in more than 3 books a year. So to get to my goal of 6 books a year I need 4 more enthusiasts. There’s no payment involved, although you do get a copy of the final publication, signed if the author is still alive.

You don’t need any training: all you need is an eagle eye for spelling errors, missing periods, missing quotes, etc. If you’re interested, send me an e-mail at I have an incredible number of great stories and you could help bring them to market.

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