Paul Halter’s The Phantom Passage is now available

This is LRI’s tenth Halter novel, featuring his Edwardian-era detective Owen Burns, who regards murder as an art form if done elegantly enough. It received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly:

I personally think it’s by far the cleverest disappearing street/house/whatever I’ve read, avoiding the overworked sign-was-turned-round trope and its variations.

Paul and I have agreed on the eleventh novel, due out at year-end: it will be La Mort vous invite (Death Invites You), featuring Twist and Hurst. Meanwhile, I’ve submitted another short story to EQMM: The Scarecrow’s Revenge

Speaking of EQMM and honkaku (see earlier post), there will be a story in the December issue by Koga Subarou, who coined the term back in the 1920s. It’s called The Spider.

One thought on “Paul Halter’s The Phantom Passage is now available”

  1. Yes!

    It’s going to take a while, but sometime after I translate The One-Eyed Tiger (strictly for my personal enjoyment), the Paul Halter book I was most interested in reading was Death Invites You.. Now, I’ll be able to read it either for Christmas or my birthday! (Three weeks after Christmas Eve.) Thank you very much!

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