Season’s Greetings

I wish all LRI readers all the best for the holiday season and thank you for your support (and your e-mails which are always welcome).

Let us end the year on an encouraging note, from the UK:

Is Golden Age Detection making a comeback? One swallow doesn’t make a summer (as they say in the UK–“swallow” as in the bird) but maybe people are finally tiring of plot-less drivel and social messaging disguised as detective fiction.

Maybe Michael Dirda’s enthusiastic review of the Derek Smith Omnibus in the Washington Post was a foretaste of things to come:

I pledge to do my part:

There will be a lot of interesting stuff by LRI in 2015. I’ll fill in the details as soon as all the agreements are firmly in place. My goal is at least six top-flight impossible crime novels in 2015.

Happy New Year!
John P.

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