Two Christianna Brand short stories

A couple of years back, my friend Tony Medawar, himself a noted locked room expert, kindly gave  me copies of two short stories by Christianna Brand, one of the greatest of the Golden Age authors. (Her Death of Jezebel is one of my top 10). They had only ever been published in The Daily Sketch, a British newspaper which folded fifty years ago.

My co-editor, Brian Skupin, and I included one of them, “Cyanide in the Sun”, featuring the first use of an ingenious impossible crime method, in our anthology The Realm of the Impossible.

I was pleased to see that EQMM published the other story, “Bank Holiday Murder” in their September/October issue. Apparently Tony is working with a UK publisher on a book of Brand stories to come out next year. I’m sure it will be well worth the read.

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