Whistle Up the Devil and Come to Paddingon Fair now available separately

The two titles were previously only available by ordering The Derek Smith Omnibus. As of today, each will be available separately, albeit without the Bob Adey introduction and the background material¬†(just the¬†texts, ma’am, just the texts) , which makes them much more affordable.

Model for Murder will not be made available separately. The lead character is Sexton Blake and, although I sneaked it in at the back of DSO, I’m rather more sanguine about offering a much easier target for copyright infringement. I did try to discover who does own the copyright, but that’s a mystery in itself.


2 thoughts on “Whistle Up the Devil and Come to Paddingon Fair now available separately”

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Rajrupa. I can only publish books to which Paul Halter himself owns the rights, which I am grdually doing. Next up is La Mort Vous Invite = Death Invites You, before year end. John P.

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