EQMM Podcast: Paul Halter’s “The Wolf of Fenrir”

EQMM contacted me a few months ago about selecting and reading a Paul Halter short story as their next podcast. I drew up a short list and tried to rehearse by recording a couple of them on my home computer. It was much harder than I’d expected (particularly using the appropriate inflections to move the story along.)

The results were a total disaster, partly because I’d been having ENT problems, so I told EQMM I could only do a few introductory sentences, and somebody more professional would have to read the story. With Paul’s approval, I suggested “The Wolf of Fenrir”, and went to EQMM’s premises to record the introduction a few weeks later. Here’s the full podcast, with EQMM Associate Editor Jackie Sherbow reading the story:


The only blight was my intro. And no, I wasn’t inebriated! Jackie had asked me to speak slowly, and boy, did I obey orders. But the story itself is terrific and Jackie did a great job, so enjoy!

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