The Realm of the Impossible

I am delighted to announce that the international short story anthology I have been working on for a long time, together with my friend, consultant editor of LRI, and co-editor of Mystery Scene magazine, Brian Skupin, has finally been published!

Publishers Weekly, in its starred review, writes: “…a landmark anthology, which establishes that the crafting of brilliant short impossible crime fiction is not an exclusively Anglo-American endeavor.”

In his Foreword, Otto Penzler writes: “The range of authors collected in this surprising and welcome volume, and the diversity of their backgrounds, is a tribute to the detective skills of the editors, who have somehow unearthed a cornucopia of virtually unknown stories that deserve the attention they will now receive. It is… well… impossible to applaud loudly enough…”

Here is a groundbreaking collection of 26 impossible crime stories from over 20 countries, demonstrating the global reach of this most fiendishly ingenious type of tale. Several stories appear here for the first time, many have never been anthologized, and a few classics are included.

Also included are 12 short anecdotes of real-life impossibilities: How can a man locked in his room without alcohol get drunk every night? How can heavy stone coffins in a sealed crypt be moved? How can hundreds of rare French books be stolen from an ancient library? These are just a few of the actual impossibilities that are explained in The Realm of the Impossible.

And, at a mere $19.99 for nearly forty stories from more than 20 countries, it would be a crime not to buy it. . . (I had to get that in before anyone else.)

P.S. There will not be a Kindle edition.

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